How to make the most of your campaigns – get your audience to commit and share.

Below are my script notes for making this VLOG.

The Halloween City Campaign – with 6k people in town and people saying they haven’t seen the town that busy in 20 years – we might be on to something.

I just want to share with you what I did with the CAPC funds that we got (I didn’t spend it all)

TAB 1 the Halloween city

We Designed a website.  The Halloween City – and this is a high speed hosting package that is paid in full for a year and this can be built upon for next Halloween.

It has a Calendar – that can be dated for next year.

And We used Rewards Fuel. 

With this – we created 3 contests.  Show facebook post

One was a vacation for 2 with food and Lodging and tickets to Anna and Haunted Eureka Springs

The most popular was for a table on the balcony bar at the basin with Bloody Marys during the Zombie parade.

Then we also had a contest for one night stay at the Crescent ON Halloween with tickets to the Séance.

These contests did 2 things.

First of all when people saw it on FB they would share it – thinking that is what we wanted them to do.

NO – we wanted them to CLICK THE LINK AND VISIT THE SITE.   But that is okay – we appreciate the share because that really is  the point of the contest.

So they click the link – and they would be brought to the contest page. (Show Video of Contest)

but to enter – we get their email address and the first thing they get is an autoresponder that UNLOCKS SECRET DISCOUNTS!   We tried to make this open to the whole business community.  This is something that we should be doing EVERY QUARTER/campaign.



THE TARGETED AUDIENCE – jack was nice enough to give us his email list to create a Eureka Springs audience – people that have already been to Eureka and stayed in one of this haunted hotels – that makes them qualified for use to pitch them on THE HALLOWEEN CITY.

I targeted this audience in google  ads in the display network and on youtube
I also targeted them on FB

Lets look at what the exposure was – and more importantly the ENGAGEMENT.  I know there is still a place for traditional media ads – but with the digital marketing you can direct engagement.

So that we can measure what messages are working and which are not.

We can see what ads are performing well etc.

CUSTOM AFFINITY AUDIENCES.   This is a little known trick that most don’t know about.   This is where we can target people that VISITING SIMILAR MARKETS TO EUREKA SPRINGS.      So I can target HOTSPRINGS.COM   etc.     For this campaign – I just found it so I targeted the Zombie Parade page and the FB event page – That way we might encourage people already interested in coming to Eureka Springs in October to come early in the month for other attractions.   Let’s take the huge interest brewing for October 27th and try to spread it out the whole month.

FACEBOOK LOOK ALIKE AUDIENCES – This is where we can take the Crescent list of 130k to create a FB audience and then ask FB to REPLICATE that audience based on 6 points of similarity to the audience that we know already likes Eureka.


MOVING FORWARD – I would like to propose that we do quarterly campaigns and lets really target the slowest months of the year – not times that don’t really need the help.

  1. Edward has BRILLIANT VIDEO ADS – lets create campaigns for each of those video ads – with custom LANDING PAGES (that have a call for engagement) AND SPECIFIC AUDIENCES. IE – THE ROMANCE VIDEO FOR February.
  2. Lets continue to do Vacation giveaway contests and let the community do the sharing and blow up our message.
    Different campaigns will attract different demographics.
  3. Let make it a goal to attract NEW VISITORS to Eureka. There is a reason there is a turn over of retails spaces downtown. If it’s the same people always coming here – there are not going to buy the same stuff each time and eventually the shops run out of new customers.

Why Do I want to do this?

  1. I work really hard to get my list of 10 k people who have bought tickets to my show to come back.   That means I need to add new material to my show every year.   I don’t really target people already in town – I try to get new people to town.
    1. Everytime they do – they eat, sleep and shop.
  2. I want to help the city get new visitors to town – if  that happens – I will win and so will all the other businesses.
  3. I want to continue to test new marketing strategies and this opportunity will help me do that.
  4. I think with a budget of 5k a quarter – we could really grow our audience in a very TRACKABLE AND MEASURABLE WAY.
  5. For whatever reason a lot of businesses in Town were down 10-15% this year – and I know that I am not alone.  I want to whatever it takes to get new guests to Eureka that will make it their new favorite place to run off to for the weekend.