Web Design and Development

Attractive web design with a highly functional back end customized to the specific needs of your business, as well as new and existing customers, is something Dingo Marketing does exceptionally well.

Digital Marketing

Marketing in the digital environment can involve many strategies – from establishing a social media presence to strategically placing digital advertising to creating dynamic content marketing elements.

Lead Generation

Sales and lead generation are inextricably entwined in the digital marketplace. At Dingo Marketing we use sector and demographic research to provide lead generation services deployed through your business’ website.


The complex realm of search engine optimization (SEO) is often misunderstood, with expensive strategies all too often ineffectively deployed. We know what it takes to get the biggest, and most clearly track-able results. We understand SEO best practices and are up to date on the latest changes to SEO protocols. If you’re curious or already know that you’d like to harness this most powerful tool for growing business online, we can help your business.

Facebook Marketing

A worldwide and growing social platform with billions of daily online users, Facebook is an increasingly important tool in the digital marketing toolkit. But it’s a business forum like no other and must be utilized with care. We’ll organically introduce your company to your target demographic on Facebook, tapping the incredible power and potential of social media to leverage leads, interest and profile for your business’ services.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is an effective medium to immediately show up for Google queries that your prospective clients are using. At Dingo Marketing, we use proprietary tools and strategies to ensure that dollars are maximized to generate the leads your business’ needs. Ask us how our PPC tactics can immediately impact your business today!


A few reasons why you should consider working with Dingo Marketing.

Proprietary Tactics, Proven To Work

Dingo Marketing applies proven methods to connect and deliver quality leads to service-based businesses. These are methods that very, very few know of and use in digital marketing.

Our Experience in The Legal Industry

After creating, optimizing and kicking off several websites in the legal industry, Dingo Marketing knows what to do and (almost more importantly) what not to do in order to drive quality leads for your business.

Boutique Agency

We are not an agency that serves hundreds of clients, rather we focus on growing with the select businesses we want to partner with. Working together means we will know each other well, and Dingo Marketing will not be successful unless your business is successful first.


Digital marketing doesn’t have to be complicated for an business owner – Dingo Marketing makes it easy for a business to succesfully connect with prospective clients online.


We learn more about your business, its goals and how we can grow the business together.


We integrate what we’ve learned about your business into our digital marketing campaigns, focusing on business area and location.

Maintain & Report

Dingo Marketing with continue to monitor and adjust campaigns to ensure leads delivered are both high quality and align with initial consultation goals. 

Schedule Your FREE Website Audit & Competitive Analysis Review

Unlike most audits that are given by digital agencies, our audits are personally and manually done. Sure, this takes us more time, however, it ensures we are fully informed of the opportunities to generate more leads for your business and we can have a productive conversation with you.

We promise you this will be worth your time.


Get in contact with Sean and Dean about how they can drive more online leads to grow your business.


Two brothers from different backgrounds, yet both paths ended up being based in digital marketing. Sean and Dean both want to share what they’ve learned in the past and share it with a selective client base to grow businesses.

Sean Niemiec

Sean Niemiec

Managing Partner, Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer

Phone: 612-801-3233

Email: Sean@Dingo.Marketing

Patrick Watkins

Patrick Watkins

Client Development Specialist

Phone: 612-578-0026

Email: Patrick@Dingo.Marketing

Dean Michael Niemiec

Dean Michael Niemiec

Managing Partner, Web Developer & Digital Marketing Enthusiast

Phone: 612-508-8280

Email: Dean@Dingo.Marketing

Casey O'Connor

Casey O'Connor

Client Development Specialist

Phone: 626-613-1826

Email: Casey@Dingo.Marketing